We transgender / gender non-conforming people are a dynamic people.
To be trans is to carve out self-acceptance in a world that rarely accepts us.
We are a righteous people.
To be trans is to walk the fine line between personal integrity and personal safety every minute. And we
choose integrity again and again and again.
We are a courageous people.
To be trans is to find the courage to explore our authentic self and to show ourselves to the world, even in
the face of danger.
We show up. No matter what they say, we show up.
We are a resilient people.
There are millions of transgender people around the world and we face staggering rates of violence and
discrimination. Trans folks are twice as likely to lose jobs, housing and family members. We’re bullied,
threatened, harassed, and killed 2-3 times more often than other groups.
And the statistics are even more alarming for trans people of color and trans women. Our community loses
their vibrancy and creativity to violence and oppression at staggering rates.
Facing this can force us into survival mode, focusing on only bare essentials to get by. When fixed on
survival we lose the power to create, connect, and dream. It’s easy to lose sight of the power, love, and
strength within our transgender family.
I am highlighting the beauty and power among us to remind us to create, connect, and dream.
We are alive and vibrant.
“When obedience is demanded and individuality is not honored, the conditioning that is meant to assist in
the development of healthy communities becomes… quite damaging to the self that wants to emerge and
In that state of excessive conditioning we are not allowed flexibility, choice, spontaneity, or difference. Our
will may feel broken or weak, and we may feel increasingly depressed, flat, or without a clear sense of
vibrant and defined self…” ~Alana Fairchild
To be trans is to renounce societal structures to honor our authentic selves. We choose authenticity.
We are a powerful people.
I want trans folks who see this show to feel less alone. I want them to feel inspired by images of defiance,
resilience and joy.
I want trans and gender non-conforming youth to see images of strong, kind, hard-working, people who also
live beyond society’s definitions.
We are role models.
I want people outside our community to explore their own unique fluid gender identity. It’s okay to
experiment, play and color outside the gender lines.