Rae Senarighi

Fine artist, designer, and muralist, Rae Senarighi is best known for vivid colorful abstracts, intricate typography, and bold transfixing portraits of modern icons. 

After studying fine art at the University of Montana (2000,2004), Rae finished his BFA degree at the Art Institute of Seattle in 2009.  He received a Hall of Fame Award from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2011.

Rae’s detailed, thoughtful works are influenced by nearly a decade of scientific illustration, studying the natural world in micro and macro.  His illustrations have been internationally published in Cell, Nature, Gertrude Press, and Science Magazines among others.

After facing cancer in 2015, Rae refocused energy into creating fine art. Rae is a transgender non-binary artist currently living and working in Portland, Oregon.  His most recent works, TRANSCEND, in which he masterfully captures the brightness in twelve transgender culture-makers, will be touring nationwide in 2018.


Contact info@raesenarighi.com

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