Fine artist, designer and muralist, Rae Senarighi is best known for vivid colorful abstracts, intricate typography and vivid portraiture. Rae began his studies at the University of Montana in 2000 and finished his BFA at the Art Institute of Seattle in 2009, receiving a Hall of Fame Award in 2011. 

Rae’s detailed, thoughtful works are influenced by years of scientific illustration, studying the natural world in micro and macro. His art has been internationally published in Cell, Nature and Science magazines and his graphic design and typography have been key features at Elevate Your Brand and Peaceful Media.

Rae is a transgender non-binary artist currently based in Portland, OR. His most recent portrait series, TRANSCEND, celebrates transgender and non-binary individuals throughout the world who are living their lives openly, choosing integrity over safety. 

Painting all clothing with black paint on white canvas helps to not distract from the individuals who are represented with vibrant rainbow hues. TRANSCEND is a direct response to the oppression experienced by transgender people as they reclaim space, both literally in larger than life portraits and figuratively under a vast blue sky. These works have been featured in the San Francisco Weekly, the Missoulian, the Montana Independent, A Family Co, PM Megazine, Gertrude Press and DNA India.

Netflix and GLAAD recently invited Rae to celebrate authentic, accurate portrayals of trans characters in media through a series of paintings.  He's also partnered with the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference and Washington Healthcare for All to support healthcare for the transgender community.