• Cultivating a Fulfilling Career in Design
  • Tools for Authenticity in Fine Art
  • Portraiture as an Act of Resilience and Resistance
  • Love as a Foundation for Political Artwork
  • Radical Self-Love and Artistic Integrity
  • Transgender Courage as a Model for Resilience
  • Lessons in Courage and Integrity from the Transgender Community



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Vivid Color in Fine Art and Design

To design anything you need to know a thing or two about composition, typography, and — you guessed it — color. There’s a science to this aspect of art, and knowing some of the fundamentals will help you make wise color choices. No matter your design goal, knowing the best practices in color choice and mixing will help you achieve the results you’re after.

In this class, we’ll mainly use hands-on projects to develop a discriminating eye for employing color and the personal confidence to play and explore in color. Participants will develop a basic understanding, vocabulary, and toolkit for color, as well as a means of discussing color with colleagues and clients.

This workshop will include plenty of in-class experimentation as we cover the following:

  • The meaning, emotion, and symbolism of color in our culture and others
  • Color vision, the color wheel, additive and subtractive color
  • Color relationships: neutralization, optical blending, mixing – no color stands alone
  • Confidence to experiment playfully with color and mixing

Hand Lettering for Personal Growth

In this workshop participants will build a foundational understanding of typography beginning with the anatomy of type. After exploring styles we’ll begin to identify participant’s personal essence. This hands-on workshop builds upon this foundation with a live demo of 3 custom typography styles.

We’ll share opportunities to play and learn with a variety of tools.  We will discuss how to discern which type and placement to best enhance the participant’s authentic message itself and incorporate meditation into hand lettering practice.

Through a lecture, discussion, demonstration and in-class exercises we’ll learn about hand lettering and artistic authenticity.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding type anatomy, classification, font identification
  • Practical application of various tools via demonstration
  • Generate deeper meaning and authentic creativity in your practice
  • Typography and hand lettering for self improvement and affirmation
  • Confidence to experiment playfully with type

Gender Exploration via Self-Portraiture

This course focuses on the intersection of artistic identity and the personal journey of gender. Lets play with paint to push back our fears about our own gender and image.

This hands-on workshop builds upon this foundation with a live demonstration of painting techniques and portrait process. We’ll share opportunities to learn a variety of tools. By incorporating reflection, meditation, and facilitated conversation participants will clarify their own gender stories, tools for vulnerability resilience and courageous self-trust. 

Participants will build upon this foundation to begin their own self-portrait works. Through a discussion, demonstration, a series of reflections and in-class exercises we’ll learn about gender and self-portraiture. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Clarification of personal gender stories
  • Learning tools for resilience and self-trust
  • Practical application of various tools and techniques via demonstration
  • Fundamentals of contrast, light direction and shading as well as line drawing versus color blocking
  • Confidence to experiment playfully with color, form, and style

Loving Foundations and Figure Drawing

In this studio course we’ll review and revitalize basic figure drawing skills while incorporating Rae’s unique process of self-compassion and personal resilience in art. 

Through live demos and hands-on experimentation participants will develop skills and confidence in figure drawing.  Through meditation, reflection, discussion, and hands-on practice participants will gain self-compassion practices as well as drawing tools and techniques. Upon completion, students will gain confidence in drawing the human form and walk away with self-compassion skills to support their work well after the course ends.


Participants will walk away with the following tools and skills:

  • Basic skills in producing drawings of the human form
  • Negative vs. positive space / Line work vs. color blocking
  • Ability to critically and compassionately evaluate their work and respond to analysis from others
  • Practical application of various tools via demonstration
  • Courage to experiment playfully with color and medium
  • Cultivate compassion in their artistic practice to further develop artistic growth and experimentation