Rae Senarighi Fine Art | Transgender Painter Portland

Rae Senarighi is a native Montanan trans artist and illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. His work features surges of movement and color that call to mind the behavior of cells or molecules and draw heavily on his work as a scientific illustrator.

Drawing from patterns in nature, his past work on the Love Series (2016) and in Movement (2014) conveys the urgency of longing and the instinctual desire for connection. With due respect given to dark matter, represented by elegant voids in the canvas, the wide view of the series resolves the tension created by these close-up interruptions of color and direction.

By creating a uniformity of shapes, the work proposes natural laws that govern behavior and emotion, making possible the scientific illustration of a feeling and ultimately a study in resilience.

In 2017 Rae refocused his study of colorful resiliency, movement, and love on a powerful portrait series featuring transgender, genderqueer, and genderfluid activists, artists, and leaders.  Rae plays with the idea of reclaiming space and visibility with large technicolor unforgettable portraits.

Upcoming show dates will be announced shortly.



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